Links for your eBooks that work forever

Within two years of releasing your eBook, your external links will stop working.
PermanentLink redirects your readers to working sites, so you can focus on writing.

How it works


A reader clicks a link in your eBook

Let's say you want to link to the Wikipedia page for “Link Rot” in your book called The Example Book. You create this Permalink:

Your reader then clicks on that link from their device, or types it into a browser.

Person clicking an eBook link


We make sure your link is online

We check if your link is reachable multiple times a day.
If Wikipedia is offline or the page has been deleted, we automatically find an archived version.
This happens behind the scenes. Your readers won't even notice.

A robot checking a screen with a magnifying glass


Reader gets redirected to a working site

Depending on whether we could reach the original link or not, we immediately redirect your reader to a website that contains the content you want them to see. Even if the original website is gone, your link continues to work.

Person following an arrow


We tell you when something breaks

If we detect that one of your linked websites is not reachable anymore, we let you know after we change the redirect to an archived version.
You can update and customize that redirection at any time.
We also make sure you know how many readers clicked each of your links.

Person getting a notification in their electronic device

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Link Rot is a thing of the past

Gone are the days when authors released an eBook only to find the links inside to stop working over time. PermanentLink makes sure that once you link to something, it remains available — even when the original content vanishes.

Link Redirection

If your link stops working, we reroute readers to a version that still works.

Link Rot Notifications

When a link stops working, we let you know immediately. No surprises.

Link Analytics (WIP)

Find out which links are clicked, and when. Understand your per-link and per-project engagement.


The right price for you, whoever you are

No matter if you're writing your first book or publishing ten books a week, PermanentLink can help.

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